Fler snillen

Monty Python sketch...
    Ainsworth: Hello, Doctor, during the night, Ol' Perkins here got his leg bitten sort of ... off.
    Dr. Livingstone: Oh, really? Been in the wars, have we? Well, let's take a look at this one leg of yours.  Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes. Yes, well, this is nothing to worry about.
    Perkins: Oh, good.
    Dr. Livingstone: Eh, there's a lot of it about — probably a virus. Keep warm, plenty of rest, and if you're playing any football try and favor the other leg.
    Perkins: So, it'll, uh… it'll just grow back again, will it?
    Dr. Livingstone: Ah… I think I'd… better come clean with you about this. It's, um… it's… not a virus, I'm afraid. You see, a virus is what we doctors call "very, very small". So small, it could not possibly have made off with the whole leg. What we're looking here for is, I think — and this is no more than an educated guess, I'd like to make that clear — is some multicellular life form with stripes, huge, razor-sharp teeth about eleven feet long, and of the genus felis horribilis — what we doctors, in fact, call a tiger.
Svensk välfärd av idag...
    Evert Stefansson saknar båda benen efter amputering. När han ansökte om permobil av landstinget fick han avslag. Motiveringen: ”Det är osäkert om funktionsnedsättningen är bestående.”
Det värsta är att det inte är första gången som liknande eller värre saker skett.




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